Introduction To Ductile Iron Well Covers

Characteristics And Advantages Of Casting Ductile Iron Manhole Covers

The decisive indicators of tensile strength, elongation, yield strength, and ultimate load head are much higher than those of ordinary cast iron manhole covers.

The anti-theft device is connected by a fixed hole, a spring shaft, and a thrust fixing card. When opening, a dedicated lock needs to be inserted and rotated 90 ° clockwise to allow the latch to exit the extraction cover plate. It can automatically lock it in a simple, secure, and reliable manner.

When raising the road surface, the manhole cover is flush with the road surface by overlaying the outer frame, and there is no need to excavate the entire manhole cover base during installation.

Due to the use of a polychlorinated ether pad on the joint surface of the frame and cover, the depth of fit between the frame and cover is increased. Six point contact is used to ensure a tight fit between the frame and cover, and hinges are used to basically eliminate noise and reduce vibration.

On the premise of ensuring smoothness, the manhole cover is integrated with the road surface to achieve the effect of beautifying the city.

Precautions For Installation Of Ductile Iron Manhole Covers

1. In order to enhance the compressive strength of the well ring and increase the seating area of the bottom surface of the well ring, the inner diameter of the well body should not be greater than the inner diameter of the well ring when installing the well ring.

2. The structure of the well platform must be a brick concrete structure, which must be sturdy and balanced to form structural forces before installing the well ring and grate seat.

3. When installing the grate, the bottom surface of the grate must not be suspended. You can refer to the installation method of the well ring.

4. When placing the well ring and grate seat, it should be placed in place before the concrete at the bottom of the well ring and grate seat (concrete thickness should not be less than 30mm) has solidified, and the well ring should be compacted or vibrated with force to make the well ring and concrete tightly bond, in order to increase the contact surface area between the well ring and grate seat and the well platform.

5. The load capacity of the product after installation shall not exceed the specified carrying capacity of the product.

6. Before installing the cover, remove any debris from the wellbore to avoid contact between the cover and the wellbore.

7. Open with a special tool.

8. When the manhole cover and rainwater grate are not installed in place, they must be placed in a safe place to prevent vehicles from rolling over.

9. Strictly follow the above requirements for installation, otherwise we will not assume any responsibility.

Post time: Aug-01-2023